How to Subscribe to Email Notifications on orders


Chase Greiser


The 'Universal Subscriptions' feature is a means to receive e-mail notifications for all orders of a specific order type.

Subscriptions may also be set on a per-order basis.  For more information on this method, please watch our video on how to Subscribe to Order Updates on a per-order basis.

To set your universal email notifications, perform the following steps:

Hover over the ‘Account’ tab on the top Navigation menu, Select ‘Notifications’.

From this page, select the frequency with which you’d like to receive updates.  

   As they happen: if you want to receive an email within a few minutes of a change being made
                              to your order.

   Daily digest: if you want a once daily ‘report’ of order activity.

Select the order type.
Type the recipient's email address into the text box below
Click ‘Subscribe’

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