Why should I use toll-free messaging instead of a short code?


Jason Sommerset


Toll-free SMS and MMS have several advantages over short codes:

It’s both voice-enabled and text-enabled 

Toll-free messaging provides businesses a true multi-channel customer experience. For example, if you’re a credit card company, you can send a fraud alert text message from the same number your customers call for support then, after the phone call, your call center could send a text message update to the customer from that same toll-free number—all in the same messaging thread. 

Get to market faster

Short codes can take 8-12 weeks to set up once you’ve filed your application. Each wireless carrier must review and approve your program brief. Toll-free messaging can be enabled in a matter of minutes.

Reduce cost 

Leasing short codes can cost between $50 and $1000 per month. Toll-free numbers start at $0.75/month.

Support high-volume use cases 

Toll-free numbers have the ability to do the same throughput as short codes and support the same use cases.

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