911 Dynamic Location Routing - Managing your Addresses and Endpoints


Carissa Matton


Managing your Addresses and Endpoints

Here you can create and manage a pool of 911 addresses to be used for SIP endpoints. Each address can be associated with one or multiple SIP endpoints by identifying the endpoint and providing caller information. When a new address or SIP endpoint association is created, a new E911 Order is generated.

To begin submitting an order, simply navigate to Account, then Dynamic Location Routing.


For a list of past E911 Orders, visit the Search Orders page. If you'd like to configure 911 Access for phone numbers, visit Configure Line Features or configure a single phone number through My Numbers.


Adding a new address to your address pool via the Bandwidth Dashboard


When entering your address, please make sure to add the 911 Location ID.  If you don't add the Location ID, a unique Identifier will be created and must be passed at time of call.



Order Details Page



Adding an endpoint to your account


Select the primary address to associate the endpoint and/or create a new address.  To search for a provisioned address, simply begin typing the 911 Location ID and click Enter. 


 Click 'Select' to select the correct address



Click 'Save Changes'




Bulk Imports

To import Addresses and/or Endpoints in bulk, please use the below .csv template

(Insert .csv template)


Deleting Endpoints

Select the Delete icon on SIP Endpoints tab.  


Click the 'trash bin' icon to proceed. Your deletion confirmation will display on the screen.




Deleting Addresses

Select the Delete icon on the Address Pool tab.  You must delete all SIP Endpoints associated with an address before you can delete an address in the pool.  


Click trash bin to proceed with deletion.  Your deletion confirmation will display on the screen.



Still have questions? Open a ticket on the Bandwidth Support Center.

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