Hosted Messaging FAQ


Emily Champion


What is Hosted Messaging?

Hosted Messaging allows Bandwidth customers to enable messaging on numbers they don't own for voice. It's designed to let you send and receive SMS and MMS messages using the Bandwidth platform while leaving the voice service in place with the current carrier or service provider.

Does Hosted Messaging support all messaging product types?

Yes! All Bandwidth messaging products, such as short code messaging, toll-free messaging, and international zones 2-5, work the same on a Bandwidth-provided number and a customer-supplied landline/VoIP number.

How do I add Hosted Messaging?

If you're interested in adding this product to your suite of messaging services, please contact your Account Manager.

How do I enable Hosted Messaging?

Message enablement requires the express consent of the authorized end user, so you must obtain a valid Hosted Messaging LOA from the subscriber or the NANPA numbering provider that supports the current voice services. You must also be able to monitor and manage the port-out activity on your numbers.

In addition, you'll need to enable at least one Location for messaging. Please take a look at our messaging setup guides for instructions:

How do import or remove phone numbers for Hosted Messaging?

Check out our instructions on how to import or remove numbers for Hosted Messaging.

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