What is Hosted Messaging?


Chase Greiser


Hosted Messaging is a service that allows Bandwidth customers to enable non-Bandwidth owned/operated phone numbers for messaging. This product is designed to allow customers to send and receive SMS/MMS messages using the Bandwidth platform while leaving the voice service in place with the current carrier/service provider.

Message enablement must only occur with the express consent of the authorized end-user. Further, to purchase this product, you must obtain a valid Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the NANPA numbering provider that supports the current voice services, such as the CLEC (local, non-wireless numbers) or RespOrg (Toll-free). You must also have existing capabilities to monitor and manage port out activity on numbers you have.

If you are interested in adding this product to your suite of messaging services, please reach out to your sales representative.

Note: A Letter of Authorization (LOA)  from the underlying NANPA carrier, such as the CLEC or RespOrg is required. See “Can I text-enable a non-Bandwidth phone number?” to learn more.

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