Does Bandwidth support international SMS messaging?


Jessica Murray


Yes! Bandwidth offers global reach to over 1,000 international wireless operators, supporting P2P (peer-to-peer) use cases for US & Canadian local phone numbers. For a complete list of global wireless operators supported, please see our reach list.

How much does it cost to send SMS to international destinations?

Pricing is organized by Zones, of which there are currently five. You can review the reach list to see what Zone a given country and carrier are in.

From time to time, countries and carriers are moved between Zones due to pricing changes. According to our Messaging Terms and Conditions, we provide our customers with 10 days notice of pricing changes.

What appears for the caller ID when sending SMS internationally?

Two-way global messaging uses Bandwidth phone numbers as the source phone number and, in most cases, the caller ID is passed through in order to enable the two-way SMS service. However, there are some situations where the number is replaced by downstream messaging hubs. If you experience this, please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team to investigate.

Can I send long messages internationally?

You may send messages over 160 characters (for GSM-7 encoding) or 70 characters (for UCS-2 encoding) to international phone numbers.

Bandwidth will always segment and send as a concatenated message. In many cases, destination operators support this feature. However, if the receiving carrier doesn't support concatenated SMS, long messages may appear as multiple messages on the destination handset.

Can I send two-factor authentication (2FA) SMS internationally?

No. Bandwidth's two-way Global SMS is intended for P2P use cases only. For more information about 2FA, please see our support article

How can I enable international SMS on my account?

To add international messaging to your suite of messaging services, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to your Bandwidth Support Team. 

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