How do I order phone numbers?


Chase Greiser


In this article, you'll learn how to order one or more phone numbers from the Bandwidth Dashboard. With augmented searching, a shopping cart, advanced filtering, and the ability to span multiple search criteria in a single order, we think you’ll be faster than ever at ordering numbers.

  1. Augmented searching: Explore our inventory with predictive searching capabilities.
  2. Shopping cart: Catalog your phone number selections, just like an online store.
  3. Bulk ordering: Make orders spanning multiple search criteria.
  4. Advanced filtering: Refine your search by Rate Tier, rate center, area code, and Local Calling Area (LCA).

Once you've logged into your Bandwidth Dashboard account, click Numbers and select Search & Buy. You'll notice an option to import from a spreadsheet, but don't worry about it for this process.

Begin your order


Now that you’re on the Buy Phone Numbers page, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Determine a phone number type: Regular or Toll-Free.
  2. If you enable Let me specify a quantity, then select numbers for me toggle, it'll allow you to export up to 5,000 numbers at a time. You may find this helpful when ordering consecutive numbers or if you don’t have a preference and are just looking for a specific quantity of phone numbers.
  3. Start typing your criteria and we'll match your search across available parameters.
  4. Click Search Available Numbers or just hit Enter on your keyboard.

You'll be redirected to a page where you may either select the numbers you wish to purchase or use several options on the left side of the page to refine your search.

Refine your search


You have the option to group your search results or sort them in ascending (1 > 2) or descending (2 > 1) order.

  • If you choose to mark the Include Local Calling Area option, it'll expand your search and will provide you with telephone numbers that are local. Local Calling Area (LCA) is a geographic area defined by the exchange (NPA-NXX) and Local Access and Transport Area (LATA). Expanding your search to this area may help you find phone numbers nearby.
  • Area Code, also known as the Numbering Plan Area (NPA), is a three-digit number that identifies a telephone service region.
  • Rate Center is a geographical area used by a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to determine the boundaries for local calling, billing, and assigning phone numbers.
  • Rate Tier refers to applicable pricing tiers Bandwidth uses to categorize certain rate centers. Please refer to your contract for this matrix. 

Select available phone numbers


Select a number or a group of numbers that you wish to purchase and it will be automatically added to your cart.

  1. Click Continue to proceed to checkout.
  2. Select the Sub-account and Location under which you want your numbers to reside.
  3. Click Purchase to complete your order.

Congratulations, you've just purchased a new phone number!

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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