FAQ - New Phone Number Ordering Experience


Chase Greiser




Please refer to our article on how to order new phone numbers for an overview of the process.


Are you launching a new porting experience as well?

Yes! You can learn more about it in the Bandwidth's Enhanced Porting Experience FAQ and by downloading our webinar.


What if I encounter a bug or problem while using the new ordering experience?

Open a support ticket or contact your Bandwidth support representative.


I see that we can now filter our phone number search by Rate Tiers. What is this used for?

Bandwidth categorizes certain rate centers within applicable pricing tiers. We wanted to give you better insights into the pricing of your orders. In your contract, you will find this pricing matrix.


I love the ability to refine a phone number search. What does the ‘Include Local Calling Area’ option do?

If you choose to mark the Include Local Calling Area option, this will expand your search and will provide you with telephone numbers that are local.  Local Calling Area (LCA) is a geographic area defined by the exchange (NPA-NXX) and LATA. Expanding your search to this area may help you find phone numbers nearby.


Will the change to the User Interface impact number ordering via API as well?

No. You should be able to utilize the API the same as before.


What about large blocks of consecutive numbers?

This update does not include ordering large blocks of consecutive numbers. Please refer to our article on how to search for sequential phone numbers.


When you 'start over' does it delete anything that may have been in the cart and start fresh?

Yes. ‘Start over’ completely resets your cart and the ordering experience. If you want to keep your cart, use ‘Add more’ instead.


Do phone numbers in the cart have any protection from being selected from another user? If so how long are they protected?

Phone number availability changes every second. Complete your purchase as soon as possible to ensure you get the phone numbers in your cart. The numbers will stay in your cart until you place your order

  • If you log out of the Bandwidth Dashboard phone numbers will be removed from your cart
  • If you navigate away from the ordering page phone numbers will be removed from your cart


We currently use the legacy DASH portal for 911 services. Will that migrate to the Bandwidth Dashboard?

We are currently in the process of consolidating 911 services into the Bandwidth Dashboard also!


If a specific area code is out of stock and you guys don't foresee it coming back in stock, would this be information we could see when trying to order?

No. We are unable to reflect when numbers will become available in the user interface.


Can you purchase available numbers and back ordered numbers in the same order?

Yes! Any order type can be added to the cart while you continue to search for other numbers.


Is there a way to back order numbers directly from the order screen if there are no numbers that meet your search?

Yes. If there are no numbers that meet your criteria, you will automatically be prompted to back order numbers.


Today we can search NPA-NXX, is that no longer going to be available?

This feature did not disappear! You can search for NPA-NXX by entering 5 or more digits in the search field. You will see any matching results in the autocomplete drop-down. For NPA-NXX-X searches, enter at least 6 digits.


Will there be a way to group results by NPA and all available NXX combinations?

Yes. If your search criteria cover multiple area codes, searching by a state, for example, you will be able to select ‘area code’ in the ‘group results by’ setting.


When you do a bulk search by quantity, does the system prioritize picking numbers that are in sequential order?

No. We do not currently support sequential number ordering. Please refer to our article on how to search for sequential phone numbers.

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