What documents are required for a port request?


Carissa Matton


LOA and documentation policy

There are specific instances when Bandwidth will require certain pieces of documentation, like a Letter of Agency/Authorization (LOA) or Copy of Bill (COB), before initiating LNP orders. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure the proper documentation is submitted at the time of the order to prevent costly delays:

Type of Port Request Required Conditional
Porting on-net to Bandwidth CLEC     X X
Porting off-net to a Bandwidth vendor X     X
Toll-free porting X*      
Project/complex porting X     X

*A specific LOA format may be required for some carriers.

Conditional LOA policy

As a wholesale provider, Bandwidth may not require its customer to produce the required LOA up front, however, customers must be prepared to produce the LOA at any point before, during, or after the porting process. An example of when Bandwidth may need the LOA is during an inadvertent porting situation (see below). In this case, the valid LOA should be provided to Bandwidth immediately upon request. If the LOA isn't provided immediately upon request, a number could be removed from the customer account and returned to the former carrier or customer.

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