What MMS file types are supported?


Mara Wallace


The most widely supported attachment types are jpeg, png, and gif images. Bandwidth will accept all file types on the list below but deliverability isn't guaranteed since downstream carriers and handsets may have limitations on what types of files they accept.

Note: For the list of file types supported on toll-free MMS, check out this support article.

Supported MMS file types

Note: .pdf files sent from iPhones to non-iMessage destinations, or from/to older Samsung devices (Android 9 and earlier), are not supported.

Extension File Type
.json application/json
.ogv application/ogg
.oga application/ogg
.ogx application/ogg
.ogg application/ogg
.pdf* application/pdf*
.rtf application/rtf
.zip application/zip
.tar application/x-tar
.xml application/xml
.gz application/gzip
.bz2 application/x-bzip2
.gz application/x-gzip
.smil application/smil
.js application/javascript
.m4a audio/mp4
.m4p audio/mp4
.m4b audio/mp4
.m4r audio/mp4
.mp1 audio/mpeg
.mp2 audio/mpeg
.mp3 audio/mpeg
.m1a audio/mpeg
.m2a audio/mpeg
.mpa audio/mpeg
.oga audio/ogg
.flac audio/flac
.webm audio/webm
.wav audio/wav
.amr audio/amr
.3ga audio/amr
.3gp audio/3gpp
.bmp image/bmp
.dib image/bmp
.gif image/gif
.jpg image/jpeg
.jpeg image/jpeg
.pjpeg image/pjpeg
.png image/png
.svg image/svg+xml
.tiff image/tiff
.tif image/tiff
.webp image/webp
.ico image/x-icon
.css text/css
.csv text/csv
.ics text/calendar
.txt text/plain
.js text/javascript
.vcf text/vcard
.vcard text/vcard
.wap text/vnd.wap.wml
.xml text/xml
.avi video/avi
.mp4 video/mp4
.m4v video/mp4
.mpg video/mpeg
.mpeg video/mpeg
.m1v video/mpeg
.mpv video/mpeg
.ogv video/ogg
.ogx video/ogg
.ogg video/ogg
.spx video/ogg
.ogm video/ogg
.mov video/quicktime
.qt video/quicktime
.webm video/webm
.wmv video/x-ms-wmv
.flv video/x-flv

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