How does Group Messaging work with MMS?


Emma Bradley


Group Messaging is classified as MMS. It is also known as Group Chat, which is the ability to send and receive text messages involving multiple recipients using long code phone numbers. It is not bulk messaging.

For sending Group Messages, there is a maximum of 10 participants in a Group. For inbound Group Messages, there is no limit on recipients - we will pass along whatever we receive from our downstream vendors. However, any responses to that group will need to be limited to 10 recipients. For additional information on how our API supports group messaging, see these references in our developer docs (Group Messaging, inbound Group Messaging).  Customers are charged for each message sent, so if your group message sends to 10 recipients, you’ll be charged for 10 messages. Group messaging is only available for HTTP V2 and MM4 customers and will not be available for Toll Free MMS.

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