Can I control the order of how MMS attachments are displayed?


Emma Bradley


Yes, you can control the order of how MMS attachments are displayed in a message by using a .SMIL file, with HTTP* or MM4.  SMIL is a presentation language that is used to configure how an MMS message is displayed. Outside of using a .SMIL file, we will pass on the content of the message in the order received. However, we cannot guarantee it will be delivered in the right order.  

Here is a sample of what a SMIL file would look like:

<smil><!--The SMIL file must start with a <smil> tag and end with the </smil> closing tag.-->
               <seq> <!-- To play clips in sequence, use the <seq> ("sequence") SMIL tag.-->
                 <audio src="audio/file1.wav"/>
                 <audio src="audio/file2.wav"/>


*For toll-free MMS, SMIL may work intermittently but is not a supported file type.


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