Release Notes: Updates to the Navigation Bar


Chase Greiser




The updates to the Bandwidth Dashboard navigation bar are a response to research we’ve done about our users. We looked at how our users interact with the Bandwidth Dashboard and how the navigation bar affects the overall experience.

Below, we’ve pointed out the changes you’ll see by comparing the old and new navigation bars side by side. The utility navigation on top, and primary navigation below it.

  • Utility Navigation is at the top. This is where you’ll find the pages related to your account-level settings. We’ve made the utility navigation just a little smaller and a little more out of the way so you can focus on what you use most.
  • Primary Navigation this is where you’ll find most of the functionality you’re used to accessing regularly.

The next difference you might notice is that in our old navigation bar we used a drop-down menu to list related page links. We found that users were having trouble accessing the drop-down options because it had to be continuously hovered over. This was especially difficult when trying to reveal a third tier of menu options.

In the new navigation, you’ll find all those page links in the secondary-navigation bar. When links are available, the secondary navigation bar will stay visible, making it faster for users jump from page to page.




  • “View active numbers” is now “My Numbers”
  • “Number assignment” is now “End-user Assignment”
  • “Import line features” is now “Upload Line Features”
  • “Disconnect numbers” is now “Disconnect”

The following options moved from “Orders”:

  • “Order new numbers” is now “Search & Buy”
  • “Import batch from spreadsheet” is now “Upload & Buy”
  • “Submit an LSR” is now “LSR”
  • “Port Numbers” is now “Port”
  • “Check number portability” is now only accessible under “Port” via the “Check number portability” link.



  • Clicking “Orders” now takes you to order history. This is the only page under Orders now.



  • “Billing detail records” is now “Billing Records”



  • “Overview” is now the default page when clicking “Account”
  • “Trunking Settings” is now “Trunk Settings”
  • “Dynamic Location Routing” is now “911 Dynamic Location Routing”
  • “SIP Credentials” has moved here from its place in the primary nav
  • Tertiary links under “Configuration” have been moved up a level, removing the unnecessary “Configuration” level.
  • Sub-accounts
    • The tiered option for “Add a sub-account” has been removed from the navigation bar and can be accessed from the “Sub-account” page.
  • Locations
    • The tiered option for “Add a sub-account” has been removed from the navigation bar and can be accessed from the “Locations” page.




  • “View TN details” is now “Phone Numbers”



  • “Numbers” and “Orders” swapped position
  • “Account” and “Search” have been moved to the utility navigation bar from the primary navigation bar.
  • “Change password” is now a function of the Account > Users page
  • Account Toggle has an upgraded design
  • NEW: Learning Lab & Support button is now available in the upper right corner



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