Rate Limit Updates to Bandwidth’s Application Platform Search & Order API Requests


Samantha Capps


Beginning on Thursday, August 1, Bandwidth’s Application Platform will enforce new API request rate limits of 100 orders per minute sustained or a burst of 800 orders over an 8 minute period for:

  • Search API Requests
  • Order API Requests

If you submit more API requests than this rate limit, you will receive a 429 error code. We know limits can sound restrictive, but these updates will ensure high-quality service for all our API users.


What are the rate limits?



What should I do if I encounter a 429 rate limit error?

If you encounter a 429 rate limit error code, please pause your requests until the time specified in the X-RateLimit-Reset HTTP header.  This is a UNIX timestamp (seconds since January 1, 1970). You may also pause for 1 minute, though this may cause unnecessary waiting.


Need more info?

Click here for more information on Bandwidth’s current rate limits or if you have questions, please open a support ticket.

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