How to Identify and Manage Telephone Numbers Enabled with CNAM


Chase Greiser



Table of Contents:


STEP 1: Identify your Telephone Numbers Enabled with CNAM

Start by downloading the 'Full Phone Number Details Report':

Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard and select your correct account. 
Click 'Reports' from the top navigation bar.

On the 'Reports Dashboard' click the report named 'Full Phone Number Details'.

Selection for report fields will follow. The options are:

    • Sub-account: All sub-accounts
    • Areas codes (NPAs): All area codes (NPAs)
    • Rate center and state: All rate centers
    • Line feature(s): CNAM
    • Activation date range: ALL TIME
    • Modification date range: ALL TIME
    • File format: Excel or CSV 

Click 'Generate' to download your report. Your report will be generated for exporting on the right side of the screen under 'Past Reports'. You can also find this report in the 'Downloads' folder on your computer.

Once you open your downloaded report, we recommend you using the 'filter' feature to sort through the data provided. You will see the telephone numbers' current CNAM status located in the Column Titled 'CNAM'. Filter the 'CNAM' column to show only the telephone numbers that list CNAM as 'On'.

The 'CNAM' column will list either 'On' or 'Off'.

  • On: TN has CNAM Per TN for Inbound Calling
  • Off: TN does not have CNAM Per TN for Inbound Calling

Pro Tip: Use the "Filter" feature to sort and filter out "On" and "Off" in column titled CNAM


STEP 2: Determine which Telephone Numbers you'd like to remove CNAM services from


STEP 3: Bulk remove CNAM from the Telephone Numbers you don't want CNAM enabled on*

*This process also applies to bulk enabling CNAM to your telephone numbers 

Click 'Numbers' on the top navigation bar and then click 'Upload Line Features'.
Click 'Download a template .csv file' in the first bullet. Once downloaded, open the file.

This file is a template with default entries. To use this template, delete the default entries from rows 3 - 6.

Refer to step 2 where you identified the telephone numbers you wanted to remove CNAM services from. Copy the telephone numbers you want to remove CNAM services from and then:

  • In column A in cell A3, paste the identified TN's you wish to turn off CNAM  
  • In column B in cell B3, insert the word "off" next to each TN that needs to have CNAM disabled  

Pro Tip: To speed up the process, you can drag or auto-fill "off" from cell B3 down to the end of your TN List. Click cell B3 and double click the large square in the bottom right area of the B3 cell.

You will now need to 'Save As' and rename the file. Click 'Save As' and rename the file with no spaces. Please ensure to use the file type '.csv'.

As an example, you could name your file: Account_CNAM_Removal

Navigate back to the Bandwidth Dashboard - you should still be on the 'Upload Line Features' page within the main 'Numbers' page found on the navigation bar. 

Click 'Choose File' and select the appropriate .csv file that you just renamed from your local computer. 

Click 'Upload Line Options.' This page will update with results. 

Pro Tip: If you encounter any errors, double check each step to ensure the formatting is correct. Errors may be due to an incorrect file type (anything other than .csv), spaces within the .csv file name, or formatting issues within the .csv file. 



If you have any additional questions, please open a support ticket

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