How do I port phone numbers?


Mark Macchioni


Bandwidth handles number porting smoothly with our step-by-step port-in workflow!

In this article, you’ll learn how to submit anywhere between a single phone number at-a-time to a 20,000 phone number project port. Additionally, learn to bundle multiple losing carriers and phone number types onto a single order.

Begin Porting Numbers

To begin the process of porting numbers to Bandwidth's network, the first thing we recommend is to ensure that the Telephone Numbers are portable. 

  1. From the top navigation menu, click 'Numbers' and then 'Port'.
  2. On this screen, type or paste the phone numbers you wish to port into the text box and click 'Check portability’.
  3. If the system identifies these numbers are portable, then click ‘Start Port Request’.


Note: You’ll see the losing carrier breakdown on the left side of the page. On the right, you’ll enter all of the porting information, including the Billing Telephone Number (BTN), address, account information, and additional documents and fields. 

Section 1: Billing Telephone Number (BTN)

  1. First, enter the Billing Telephone Number (BTN) of the current account. 
  2. If you‘re porting the BTN, select the second option. This will allow you to provide a new BTN for remaining lines or services. Otherwise, you can port the BTN and disconnect all remaining lines and/or services.


  1. Click ‘Continue’. 

Section 2: End User Account Information

  1. Account Type: Choose either ‘Business’ or ‘Residential’. Please note that the account type is based on your account structure with the losing carrier.
  2. Customer name: Enter the business or end-user’s name as it appears with the losing carrier. 
  3. Person authorizing this port (Name on LOA): Enter the name of whomever authorized the port.
  4. Account Number: This is typically the end-user’s billing account number, which is generally found on their invoice. For some losing carriers, this is a required field. If you have this information, we recommend that you provide it when submitting your port.
  5. Account PIN: This field isn't always required. Typically PINs are associated with wireless or simple ports. The end-user should be able to retrieve this information from their losing carrier.
  6. Click ‘Continue’.


Section 3: Service Address

    13. Provide the service address associated with the phone numbers that you’re porting. 


Section 4: Documents & Additional Information

  1. Customer Order ID: Here you have an opportunity to enter a unique customer order ID.
  2. Files: Upload any additional documents like the Letter of Authorization (LOA) or bill copies. This is optional for on-net ports, so you may choose to leave them blank and click ‘SKIP’. Please note that LOA is still required for toll-free and Canadian ports.


Please repeat these steps for any other carriers that are listed out on the left hand side of the page.

Once you fill out the required information for all carriers, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Group & Schedule Activation Dates (Customer Activation)


The cool thing about bulk porting is that you can easily group and coordinate activation dates across multiple orders and you have a few different options of how to achieve this. On this page, you can request activation dates for each carrier or as a group.

    • If you want all of your ports to activate on the some day and time, keep them together as a bulk port.
    • Alternatively, if you want your orders to have unique activation dates, click ‘Add a Bulk Port’. From there, drag your carrier group(s) to the new section.
    • You can also drag your carrier group to the ‘Individual Ports’ section if you’d like for your ports to have their own activation date and time.

To set your activation date & time:


  1. Click ‘Edit’
  2. Requested Activation Date: We recommend choosing a date 4+ business days from your submission date.
  3. Requested Activation Time: All of our ports default to activate at 11:30 AM ET. If you’d like your order to be activated at another time, please use the time scrubber to select a specific time you want the numbers to be activated on the day of Firm Order Commitment (FOC). 
  4. Click ‘Continue to Final Review’ at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Customer Activation – You'll notice that the checkbox for 'Customer Activation' has been removed. Now all you need to do is use our 'time scrubber' to update your activation time. Once this is completed, our system will treat your port order as one that you're able to activate. The steps to activate your port order on the day of FOC will remain the same.

Note: If you have multiple losing carriers in your order, they’ll be grouped by default in ‘Bulk Ports’. You can edit the requested FOC date on the bulk port by clicking ‘Edit’ above the subtending ports. If you’d like to activate single carrier orders at different times, you can drag each order out into ‘Individual Ports’ by clicking and dragging them into the labeled field. From there, you’ll be able to click ‘Edit’ and choose your individual date and time. 

Review Port Orders


This step will take you to the “Review Port Orders” page. From here, you want to make sure that each bulk or individual order has the correct information and certify that the order(s) are ready to be sent to the losing carrier(s).

Once everything looks good, please choose a sub-account and location from the drop-down menu. 

Once all the required fields are complete, click ‘Submit’.

Porting Experience FAQ

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What you'll learn:

  • Our intuitive step-by-step port-in workflow!
  • Submitting up to 20,000 Phone Number Ports - manage your project ports from the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  • Bulk Porting – bundle multiple losing carriers and phone number types onto a single order.
  • Replacement BTN – how to reduce carrier rejections due to BTN processing errors.

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