Classic: How to Change the Location of a Phone Number in the Bandwidth Dashboard


Chase Greiser


This article references the ‘Classic’ interface in the Bandwidth Dashboard. Looking for the ‘New’ experience? Click here!

The location of a phone number is the IP address and/or DNS host the call will route to. See the section on sub-accounts and locations for more information. A phone number’s location can be changed at any time simply by using the pull-down menu under ‘New Location’ to choose the new location. The location must already be provisioned under the current sub-account where the telephone number is provisioned. This change takes effect immediately after the ‘Update location’ button is clicked.


To change the location, you must first search for the phone number you wish to change using the 'Search', then 'View TN details' menu items.

Once there, you'll be able to use the drop down menu to change the phone numbers current location.

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