Classic: How to Pull Your Full Phone Number Details Report


Chase Greiser


This article references the ‘Classic’ interface in the Bandwidth Dashboard. Looking for the ‘New’ experience? Click here!

To download the Full Phone Number Details Report: 

Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard and select your correct account 
Click 'Reports' from the top navigation bar

On the 'Reports Dashboard' click the report named 'Full Phone Number Details'

Selection for report fields will follow. The options are:

    • Sub-account: All Sub-accounts
    • Areas codes (NPAs): All area codes (NPAs)
    • Rate Center and State;  All rate centers
    • Line feature(s): Choose the line feature you are interested in viewing (i.e. CNAM)
    • Activation date range: ALL TIME
    • Modification date range: ALL TIME
    • File Format: Excel or CSV Pro Tip: For Mac users the recommended file format is excel

Click 'Generate' to download your report. Your report will be generated for exporting on the right side of the screen under 'Past Reports.' You can also find this report in the 'downloads' folder on your computer.

Once you open your downloaded report, we recommend you using the 'filter' feature to sort through the data provided.

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