Classic: How Do I Add Caller ID to My Number in the Bandwidth Dashboard?


Chase Greiser


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Update or Add Line Features (Call Forwarding, Caller ID, DL/DA)

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Active phone numbers on an account may be found by going to the 'Search' menu in the main menu bar, then entering the phone number in the box and clicking 'Search'. A box will appear on the search screen to indicate the results of that search and provide a clickable link to make any line changes to the phone number(s). Alternatively, if a TN inventory search is performed, the results of that search will also provide a clickable link to the phone number which will allow line features to be changed.

Caller ID options in Bandwidth Dashboard include enabling or disabling the ability to see CNAM (Caller Name) on a call and managing the outbound CNAM display.

To change the outbound CNAM for a specific number, simply change the designation in the menu to ‘Calling Name information’. Choose the service type (business/residential), and whether you would like the information to appear or to be blocked. In the ‘Calling name to display’ box, enter the name desired.

Service type: Business should be chosen if the number is related to a business. Residential should be chosen if the number is tied to a residential account. This can be changed at any time.

Display: This field defines whether the CNAM information should be displayed when calling out, or if the information should be stored in the database, but blocked when calling out. If ‘blocked’ is chosen, the phone number will display, but the CNAM information will not.

Calling name to display: Enter the CNAM information for the specific number. For example, on a residential account, the information entered should be the name of the end customer (e.g., John Doe or John & Jane Doe). This field has a 15-character limit. Names such as ‘unavailable’, ‘blocked’, etc., are not permitted.

Calling Name Display enable simply allows end users to have the ability to view incoming CNAM on their phone or Caller ID device. The system default is to allow CNAM to be displayed on incoming calls. However, Bandwidth Dashboard allows for more granular control by allowing this on a per number basis, if desired. Simply choose if the incoming CNAM should be allowed (on) or disallowed (off), and update the record.

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