What's Changed with the New Bandwidth Dashboard Experience


Chase Greiser



The Bandwidth team has been hard at work re-designing the Bandwidth Dashboard user interface. All users now have access to the new Bandwidth Dashboard! Some of the new improvements you’ll notice are: 

  • Faster speed - we’ve improved the performance and page loading times to give you the ability to whiz through processes, like ordering and porting.
  • Usability improvements - we’ve simplified pages, streamlined workflows and upgraded things like user management, locations, notifications, order details and more!
  • Consistency - we’ve refined all terminology for in-application instructions and structured all pages in a more thoughtful and user-friendly fashion.
  • Development efficiencies - best of all, this new foundation will allow us to improve the Bandwidth Dashboard more quickly and efficiently in the future.


What is this ‘Classic-New’ button I now see on the right side of the screen?

This release is different from how we’ve released features and products in the past. All Bandwidth users have access to an ‘experience switcher’ that lets you go back to the old experience if you need to compare the New and Classic pages.


What support resources are available to me?

  • Bandwidth Learning Lab - our self-guided training tool within the Bandwidth Dashboard will guide you through each of the newly revised pages. 
  • Support Content - all articles in the Bandwidth Support Center are optimized for the new page flows. We’ve updated screenshots and verified all ‘how-to’ articles. If you’d like to revisit any of the old content, it’s available here.


What if I run into a problem with the new interface?

You can switch between the New and Classic experience as needed. If you decide to switch to the Classic experience, please complete our short survey. This will help us identify and fix any issues you may have.



How will I know I’m in Beta?

You’ll see this pop-up during your first log-in since the Beta launch.


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