Calling restrictions for international traffic terminating to China


Kate Steiman


In an attempt to crack down on spam traffic, Chinese telecom carriers have recently tightened their restrictions on voice calls made to China. This means that if you make outbound calls to China that trigger new restrictions, they're now more likely to be blocked by spam monitoring systems.

Although this is an industry requirement not specific to Bandwidth, we continue to work closely with our partners in China to keep up with the latest updates and ensure we can provide you with stable, quality services for outbound calls there.

How to avoid having your calls to China blocked

To have a better chance of preventing your calls to China from getting blocked, we suggest you avoid:

  • Unsolicited marketing calls
  • High volumes of unanswered calls
  • Shorts calls – call duration must be 3 minutes or more
  • Automated dialed calls to China
  • Calls from modified, spoofed or restricted origination numbers
  • No calls from a Chinese (CLI) number
  • High volumes of repeated calls made from the same origination number within an hour 

Have additional questions?

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to guarantee the delivery of your outbound calls to China. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to your Bandwidth Support Team!

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