Advanced Search Options


Liz Wickham


To access the advanced search options, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard
  2. Navigate to 'Numbers,' then click 'Search & Buy'
  3. Click 'Switch to Advanced Search'



The following options should appear:



With these advanced options, you have the ability to combine multiple types of search criteria into one search. For example, you could search for a number with a specific NPA that's also within a specific ZIP code. 

Each of the advanced search inputs will require you to start by typing two or more characters. Once there are two characters in the field, a menu will be revealed that lists options for you to select from. Continue typing until you see the criteria you're looking for in the menu.



To search for a number by NPA-NXX-X, you must first enter your NPA before the NXX field will become enabled. Similarly, the final X field will only become enabled after you enter three numbers in the NXX field.


You have the option to fill as many of these fields as you'd like. Fields that are left empty will be omitted from your search and won't affect the search results you see.

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