V2 Voice API features guide


David Preo


Bandwidth has launched its new set of APIs for Voice! These APIs provide the same basic functionality for Voice that our V1 Voice APIs provided, but with 6-second billing and full integration into the Bandwidth Dashboard. This allows for simpler, easier use alongside Bandwidth’s advanced number management, messaging, and 911 services, and provides a smarter, more cost-effective way for enterprises to scale their API-driven voice communications.

New features

Downloadable BDR .CSV files  The Bandwidth Dashboard allows you to download rated Billing Detail Records (BDR) for your account.
6-second filling  Billing for each call is rounded to the nearest six seconds as opposed to the nearest minute in the V1 API. This more accurate billing can save customers anywhere from 20-50% depending on average call patterns and durations.
Application management  Managed within the Bandwidth Dashboard. Applications help direct call and messaging events, like take an incoming call and connect it with the right phone number or endpoint. You can learn how to create a Voice API in this support article.

Enhanced features (enhancements over V1 API)

Bandwidth Dashboard
Account management Manage your phone numbers and applications using the enhanced number management capabilities via the Bandwidth Dashboard.
Buying numbers Order phone numbers from the Bandwidth Dashboard only - no need to import numbers into the V1 Application Platform!
Disconnecting numbers Users may disconnect a phone number from the Bandwidth Dashboard.
Porting numbers The Bandwidth Dashboard handles number porting smoothly with our step-by-step workflow and bulk porting APIs.
API credentials management Maintained in the Bandwidth Dashboard. Bandwidth APIs use Basic HTTP Authentication. To make API calls, you need your username and password.
Enhanced capacity  4x the capacity of the current V1 API platform. Access to higher session concurrency and and CPS (Calls Per Second). The default capacity is increased to 3 CPS and 30 sessions over the 1 CPS default for the V1 API platform.
Geo redundancy  Rely on multiple data centers and peering connections.
International Support
International outbound calling  Must be contracted for an International Calling plan. For more information, please see our International Standard Default Rates and International Light Call Plan Restricted Locations.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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