What reports are available in the Bandwidth Dashboard and how do I download them?


Roy Kasher


You can use the Bandwidth Dashboard to pull useful reports about your account activity that can help you further analyze the details you find on your invoice. If you don't already have access to it, reach out to your account manager and they can help you get credentials. To locate these reports, click the Insights tab located in the top navigation bar and select Reports. Here you'll see the available reports, which can be downloaded in the CSV, PDF, or Excel format.

Alternate Caller ID E911 Report

E911 detail information for accounts that use an alternative identifier for the end user.

Disconnected Phone Numbers

Information about all phone numbers that have been disconnected from the account. This includes TN, Order ID, Order Status, Disconnected User, Created Date, and the TN count.

E911 Addresses

A list of all E911 addresses associated with a provisioning account.

E911 Phone Number Details

E911 information associated with phone numbers. This includes TN, Site (Sub-account) ID, SIP Peer ID (Location ID), Status, Caller Name, Address Type, Address.  

End-User Phone Number Assignment

A list of phone numbers and their end-user assignment statuses.

External Phone Number Details

Complete information about customer-provided phone numbers within the report’s scope. These numbers have Bandwidth services enabled but aren't necessarily Bandwidth numbers. This report includes TN, Vendor, Account, Sub-Account, Location, Status, Order Date, SMS, and more. 

Full Phone Number Details

Complete information about all phone numbers within the report’s scope. Some of the information includes services that are associated with a number (SMS, CNAM, etc.), the number's in-service status, the order date, and more. 

IRIS Account Manager Utilization Report

This account report provides the insight into the current utilization and assignment data associated with the Bandwidth Dashboard TN inventory.

New Numbers

Phone number details for historic or current new number orders.

Number Utilization Telephone Number List Report

This report lists all of the Telephone Numbers that appear to be underutilized and unassigned.

Phone Number Inventory

A list of all phone numbers associated with your account.

Port-In Orders

Phone number details for historic or current port-in orders.

Port-Out Orders

Phone number details for historic or current port-out orders.

Protected Phone Numbers Report

A simple report that lists all of the protected TNs on an account, as well as their status.

UC Account Summary

Detailed account information for a given UC account.

User Information

Information about all active and inactive users for your account.

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