What should I do if I've been suspended or disconnected?


Alicia Raphael


Your payment due date is listed on your Bandwidth invoice. If your payment is a day late, you'll receive a past due notice. If your payment is more than 7 days late, you'll receive a suspension notice. Finally, if your payment is more than 14 days late, your account will be suspended.

Important: Once your account has been suspended, you'll have 30 days to make full payment before your account gets disconnected. Once the disconnection process is complete, we cannot guarantee that an account can be reinstated.

To be restored in a timely manner when you've been suspended or disconnected, please pay using one of our payment methods and then notify us by emailing customerpayments@bandwidth.com or opening a suspension ticket using the following steps:

  1. Visit the Submit a request page and sign in using your Bandwith Support Center login and password. If you don't have a Support Center account, please follow these steps to create one.
  2. Under What do you need help with today?, select Billing & Payments Support.
  3. Under Subject, type Suspension Payment
  4. Under Description of Issue or Concern, enter your message.
  5. Under Request Type, select Suspensions or Disconnects.
  6. Under Attachments, include any relevant attachments.
  7. Click Submit.

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