What should I do if I've been suspended or disconnected?


Roy Kasher


Your payment due date is listed on your Bandwidth invoice. If we don't receive your payment by then, we'll send you a past due notice a day after and then a suspension notice 7 days after. If your payment is still not received 14 days past the due date, your account will get suspended.

Important: Once your account is suspended, you have 30 days to make a full payment before it gets disconnected. If you wish to reconnect your services after you've been disconnected, there will be a $200 charge for delinquency.

To be restored in a timely manner after you've been suspended or disconnected, please send all checks via overnight delivery to:

BWC KeyBank Overnight Lockbox
Attn: PO Box 715382 Bandwidth Inc
895 Central Avenue, Suite 600,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Once you make your payment, please notify us by emailing customerpayments@bandwidth.com or opening a suspension ticket:
  1. Log into the Bandwidth Support Center.
  2. In the top right corner of page, click Tickets and select Create a Ticket.
  3. Under What do you need help with today?, select Billing & Payments Support.
  4. Under Subject, type Suspension Payment
  5. Under Description of Issue or Concern, enter your message.
  6. Under Request Type, select Suspensions or Disconnects.
  7. Under Attachments, include any relevant attachments.
  8. Click Submit.

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