How do I read my Bandwidth invoice?


Alicia Raphael


Your Bandwidth invoice

Your Bandwidth invoice is generated and sent to your listed statement delivery contact(s) on a monthly basis. It includes a description of each of the charges associated with your account for the given service period, due date, and accepted payment methods.

The Account Summary section, which includes your transaction history, is located on the second page of the invoice. The Amount Due section, located right below it, shows the total amount due. 

Note: Usage related charges are billed in arrears, while charges that appear on your invoice as a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) are billed in advance.  

Provisioning accounts

If you're a customer with multiple provisioning accounts, your invoice will group those charges on different pages by provisioning account number. 

Evaluating line items

Each charge on your invoice is associated with a product or service detailed in your contract. Please feel free to use the CSV file included with your invoice for a closer look

Billing support

Although we're unable to assist with calculating how you should bill your customers, we're happy to answer any additional questions. Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Billing Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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