Requesting MMS Delivery Receipts for MM4 users


Mara Wallace


MMS Delivery Receipts (DLRs) are now live for MM4 users! If you were previously requesting DLRs on messages sent over the MM4 interface, you may have noticed that you didn’t consistently receive a response. Bandwidth will support providing delivery information for all requests when it‘s available. 

Requesting MMS DLRs for MM4 interface

If you’re sending messages over the MM4 interface, you’ll still need to request a DLR by enabling the X-Mms-Delivery-Report field in message type MM4_Forward.REQ. If a downstream carrier sends a MM4_Delivery_Report.REQ, Bandwidth will forward the message to the sender. Bandwidth’s Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) will insert an internal error code and text in the X-Internal-Status-Code and X-Mms-Status-Text field before forwarding a DLR from the downstream carrier back to the sender.


New MM4 error codes

Note: There are new error codes specific to MMS and Group Messaging. For a full list of MM4 error codes, please see our support article.

MM4 error code MM4 error description Error explanation
300 malformed-message This error indicates the message is formatted incorrectly. 
410 media-unavailable There was an error retrieving the media from the media web server. Check the media URL and try to access directly to see if the media can be fetched successfully.
411 rejected-size-limit The total size of MMS message media/attachments exceeded the max file size supported.
412 media-content-invalid The media content type isn't a supported media content type.
420 rejected-carrier-does-not-exist The upstream provider doesn't exist in our configuration.
421 rejected-forbidden-no-destination The destination is considered forbidden when the account isn't provisioned for that destination. 
435 forbidden-too-many-recipients The maximum limit of 10 participants in a Group has been exceeded. 

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