What's the difference between announcements, release notes, and the status page?





Announcements are your go-to source for changes to the Bandwidth experience, such as service surcharges, calling restrictions, and feature deprecations. To receive announcement emails, navigate to Announcements, select the section you'd like to subscribe to, such as Messaging Announcements, and click Follow. To subscribe to all announcements, please subscribe to each section individually. 

Check out this support article to learn how to find the list of sections you currently follow or change your subscription preferences.

Note: We'll continue to notify you via email of any changes that require action to maintain your current services. 

Release notes

Release notes allow you to stay up-to-date on our product enhancements, feature releases, and more! Visit this page and click Subscribe to Updates to be notified each time we publish a new release note.

Status page

The status page is your home for network updates. This is where you can learn about current outages, scheduled maintenance, and past incidents. Check out this support article to learn how to subscribe to updates and edit your subscription preferences.  

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