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This article contains information about AT&T 10DLC. To review requirements set by other carriers or learn more about 10DLC as a whole, check out 10DLC Overview and FAQ.

AT&T has imposed a class-based system with different fee amounts depending on the class assigned to a given campaign during the registration process. AT&T has also selected The Campaign Registry (TCR) as a third-party vendor to run their campaign registries. Bandwidth customers can choose to either register their A2P campaigns with TCR directly or work with Bandwidth to register campaign information with TCR.

AT&T has a grace period for registration. Starting on March 1, 2021, all outgoing SMS traffic to AT&T incurs a $.002 surcharge and all outgoing MMS traffic incurs a $.0035 surcharge. This grace period has been extended and we'll provide more information once we have a new date. 

Below are the classifications established by TCR and AT&T. For use case definitions and information about the 10DLC registration process, please see Registering Brands and Campaigns for 10DLC.

Note: Special use cases will require additional vetting. The classification process and risk classification are proprietary to TCR.

Message  Class Use Case Campaign Type SMS Fee MMS Fee AT&T Messages Per Minute (MPM)
A & B Russell 3000 Standard .002 .0035 4,500
C & D

Large Business

(Vetting required to move from E & F to a higher class)

Standard .002 .0035 2,400
E & F Medium Business Standard .002 .0035 240
T Small Business Standard .002 .0035 75
W Very Small Business/ Sole Proprietor Standard .002 .0035 15
Not Tagged/ No Class Untagged traffic after grace period   .04 .05 Treated at P2P
throughput rates
and SPAM filters
G Group Messaging Special .002 .0035 60
K Political Messaging Special .002 .0035 4500
N Insurance Agents, Franchises, Banks Special .003 .0035 60
P Charity (Nonprofit 501(c)(3)) Special N/A N/A 2400
S* Social Media Platform Special .002 .0035 60,000
X Govt Emergency/ Public Safety Special N/A N/A 4500
K-12 Schools Special N/A N/A 720

*Platform must obtain "double opt-in" consent from customers and Carrier Approval is required

Questions? Please reach out to your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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