COVID-19 update: March 25, 2020


Ryan Henley


We’re incredibly humbled to be a part of the world’s COVID-19 response. Alongside customers like you, we’re helping to keep healthcare systems, students, teachers, governments, and businesses connected when we need it most.

The Bandwidth platforms and team remain strong. The levels of partnership we’ve experienced with our customers and with our industry partners have been phenomenal. Collectively, we’ve worked to rapidly expand capacity to accommodate increased demand, all in the service of keeping people, and our world connected. Subscribe to Bandwidth’s network updates.

Some highlights:

  • The Bandwidth platforms are strong, resilient, and scaling to meet the demands.
  • The Bandwidth team is performing at the highest levels, working from locations around the country to serve our customers 24/7/365.
  • We’re on heightened alert for scammers. Unfortunately, some individuals see this as an opportunity to take advantage of people’s fears, creating scams to steal personal or financial information. To guard against these scams, we have expanded both our robocall blocking program and our text message filtering to monitor, block, and disconnect these kinds of campaigns. Additionally, the US Telecom Association recently posted some great tips for consumers. You might consider passing this along to your customers. We encourage you to report any suspicious traffic to us immediately by submitting a ticket.
  • Consider starting conference calls on the quarter-hour. Wireless, wireline, and VoIP networks worldwide are largely keeping up with capacity, but we’ve heard reports of connection difficulties at the top and bottom of the busy hours (11am ET through 2pm ET). Shifting the start of conference calls to the 15 or 45 min mark helps those networks balance the load, making the ecosystems stronger for everyone.

We'll continue to monitor the situation closely, adapt to changing conditions, and keep you informed as our response evolves. Thank you for trusting us to serve you and your customers!


Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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