How do I bulk add phone numbers to DL/DA?


Andrey Bobrovskiy


Directory Listing and Directory Assistance (DL/DA) makes a phone number, user information and/or address available in the local White Pages, through the 411 assistance, or both. This article explains how you can use the Bandwidth Dashboard to add multiple phone numbers to DL/DA at once. For API information, please see our developer docs

Looking to a single phone number to DL/DA? Check out this support article!

Note: You can determine which of your phone numbers have DL/DA enabled by looking at the DL/DA Name and DL/DA Address columns in your Full Phone Number Details report.

To add phone numbers to DL/DA in bulk:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select Numbers and click My Numbers.
  3. Select Line Features and click the download a template .csv file link. This will download the CSV file into your web browser.

Line Features tab

Note: If you don’t see the file, please make sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups from the Bandwidth Dashboard and try again. If you still can’t locate it, check the Downloads section in your browser or the Downloads folder on your computer.

  1. Once you open the template, you'll see sample data that shows how the file needs to be filled out for various features. Please erase all information in rows 3-6 prior to entering your own. 
  2. In the TN column, enter the phone numbers that you want to add to DL/DA. Please use the 10-digit format without spaces, parentheses, or dashes.
  3. In the DLDA SubscriberType column, enter Business for a business customer, or Residential for a residential customer.
  4. In the DLDA ListingType column, enter Listed if you want to update both DL and DA, or NonListed if you want to only update DA.
  5. In the DLDA ListAddress column, enter TRUE if you want to include the address in the listing, or FALSE if you want to only display the name and phone number.
  6. In columns DLDA FirstName, DLDA FirstName2, and DLDA LastName, enter the subscriber's name:
    • If this listing is for a business, type the first word of the business name in the DLDA FirstName column, the second word of the business name in the DLDA FirstName2 column, and the rest of the business name in the DLDA LastName column.
    • If the listing is residential, type the resident's first name in the DLDA FirstName column (if you'd like to add a joint name, such as Susan and William Jones, add the second name in the DLDA FirstName2 column), and put the last name in the DLDA LastName column.

Template CSV DLDA columns

  1. Leave columns DLDA Designation through DLDA PlaceListingAs blank.
  2. In the DLDA ServiceType column, type New.

Template CSV DLDA columns

  1. In columns ADDR HousePrefix through ADDR Zip+4, enter the address information. You can leave any non-applicable address fields blank.

Template CSV ADDR columns

  1. Once you're done, save the file in the .csv format and return to the Upload Line Features page.  
  2. Drag and drop the file into the Choose a .csv file to import field or click Browse to search for it on your computer.
  3. Enter an optional Customer order ID that can be used to identify any orders created as a result of this file import.
  4. Click Import to upload your file.

Note: If you encounter any errors, please double-check that the formatting is correct. Errors may occur due to an incorrect file type (anything other than .csv), spaces in the file name, or formatting issues in the file itself. It may take up to 72 business hours for the information to populate to 411, and up to one business week for it to be added to the local White Pages database. Printed information will appear in the next local White Pages book release, as long as it was provided to the book publisher before the print cut-off date.

Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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