Where can I find a list of phone numbers and their port-out passcodes?




Although the best way to access a list of phone numbers and their port-out passcodes is via API, you can also do that in the Bandwidth Dashboard:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. Follow these instructions to download the Full Phone Number Details report.
  3. Once you open the report, navigate to the Passcode column. If the number has a passcode associated with it, the cell will contain TRUE. If it doesn't, the cell will be blank.

Full Phone Number Details report

  1. Once you determine which phone number(s) you want to look up the passcode(s) for, return to the Bandwidth Dashboard and navigate to the Search Telephone Numbers section on the right side of the home page. 
  2. Enter the phone number(s) and click Search.


  1. Click the blue phone number link in the Search Results section. This will take you to the Phone Number Details page.


  1. Once you're on the Phone Number Details page, scroll down to the Port-Out Passcode section to find the passcode. 

Port-Out Passcode

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