How to use the Messaging Insights dashboards


Emma Bradley


Messaging Insights dashboards are available in the Bandwidth Dashboard to help you answer questions about the performance and delivery of your messages. 

To access the Messaging Insights dashboards:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select Insights and click Messaging.
  3. Choose which dashboard you're interested in reviewing.


There are three dashboards available to customers at this time:

  • The Messages dashboard allows you to explore historical trends in your usage and delivery. 
  • The Troubleshooting dashboard lets you see metrics on delivery and explore errors in near real-time.
  • The Messages Per Second (MPS) dashboard helps you keep an eye on your messaging sending rate.

Using filters

Explore your messaging data using filters found on the right side of each dashboard and easily download the data or images as you need. You can also filter within the graph using any of the following filters:

  • Date & Time
  • Product
  • Type
  • Carrier 
  • Number
  • Error 

Downloading data

Download an entire dashboard or just the specific data on it as a PDF or image by clicking the  icon.


Messages dashboard

Curious what's going on with your messages at Bandwidth? Want to know your delivery rate and how it compares to yesterday? The Messages dashboard provides an overview of your messages and lets you explore trends in your delivery and usage. 


Available filters

  • Message Date (last 7 days of messages by default)
  • Product
  • Message Type 
  • Carrier


You can use filters to explore trends in usage and messaging delivery. To update them, click the arrow or pencil icon to expand the options within each filter.


Date filter


Product and Message Type filters


Carrier Name filter


Navigating the Messages dashboard

Easily switch between Outbound and Inbound depending on which messages you're interested in. 


As you navigate through the dashboard, you can explore your message usage trends by:

  • Type
  • Carrier
  • Message product
  • Week over week trends


Troubleshooting dashboard

This near-real-time dashboard allows you to investigate errors in your messages. You can use it to track your current delivery rate and errors, explore the top errors, view numbers with the most errors, and check the error rate throughout the day.  

Available filters

  • Date & Time
  • Product
  • Type
  • Error 
  • Carrier
  • From Number


Messages Per Second dashboard

Track your peak capacity over the last three days with this dashboard. You can filter by date and time to monitor your capacity in near real-time. 


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