Phone Number Lookup FAQ


Gabe Cabellon


What is Phone Number Lookup?

Phone Number (TN) Lookup is a service that lets you look up carrier information for a phone number or a batch of phone numbers via the Bandwidth API. Currently, it's supported in the mainland United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian provinces. Phone numbers must be submitted in the E.164 format to be processed.

Where can I find developer documentation?

Check out the how-to guide and the API reference in our developer docs.

What is the maximum number of TNs per request?

Each POST request can have a payload containing between 1 and 100 phone numbers.

What is the rate limit for requests?

It's recommended that you perform no more than 10 POST requests per second, with each request containing no more than 100 TNs.

How is Phone Number Lookup billed?

You'll be billed for each successfully requested number. If a phone number is successfully requested multiple times, you'll be charged for each instance. If the request is unsuccessful (i.e., the information for the number couldn't be retrieved), you won't be billed for it. You can review your billing details for this service by downloading your Phone Number Lookup Billing Details Records (BDRs).

How do I download my account's BDRs for Phone Number Lookup?

Note: BDRs are generated daily, while Statement (Stmt) BRDs are generated at the end of the month. Stmt BDR includes your final billing detail records for the month and directly correlates to that month's invoice.

To download your account's BDRs for Phone Number Lookup:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. Select Insights and click Billing.
  3. Under Type, select Phone Number Lookup BDR or Phone Number Lookup Stmt BDR.
  4. Under Data range, select Previous Month, Month to date, or Custom.
  5. Click Submit

Phone Number Lookup BDR and Stmt BDR

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