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Emily Champion


This article explains how you can use external vetting providers and re-vet your brand(s) for 10DLC in the Bandwidth Dashboard. To learn more about external vetting, see the 10DLC FAQ. For an overview of 10DLC, check out our 10DLC Overview.

One thing to keep in mind, Low Volume campaigns cannot have their brand tier (and throughput) increased through external brand vetting. By nature these campaigns are designed to be low volume, so instead of going through external vetting to increase throughput, customers who need a higher amount of capacity should register a different use case and pursue external brand vetting if still needed thereafter.

Note: You'll be able to see your brand details in the Bandwidth Dashboard only if you've registered your brand(s) through Bandwidth. If you've opted to register via The Campaign Registry (TCR), you must access the TCR portal to view them.

View brand details

You can view brand details and access the brand vetting functionality in the Bandwidth Dashboard:

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Dashboard.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Campaigns and select Brands.

Brands page

  1. Click on the brand name. This will take you to the following page where you can request brand re-vet, request external vetting, and import an external vetting record.

Brand Details page

Request brand re-vet

If you've created a brand but it received an Unverified status, you can request a re-vet for a fee:

  1. Navigate to the Identity Status section and click Revet.

Revet button

  1. Click Submit to request your brand to be re-vetted.

Brand revet confirmation window

Request external vetting

You can request external vetting to be done on your brand for a fee:

  1. Navigate to the Brand Vetting section and click Apply For Vetting.

Apple for Vetting button

  1. Select the Vetting Type and the Vetting Partner
    • Note: Campaign Verify is only able to vet political campaigns – we advise using Aegis Mobile or WMC Global if you're trying to vet a nonpolitical campaign.
  2. Click Submit to apply for vetting. Your request will appear on the external vetting list.
    • Note: External vetting is done by 3rd parties. Bandwidth doesn't have control over the external scores that are provided. 

Apply for Vetting confirmation window

Import an external vetting record

You can import an external vetting record you've previously made into our system:

  1. Navigate to the Brand Vetting section and click Import Vetting.

Import Vetting button

  1. Select the Vetting Partner and enter the Vetting Identifier.
  2. Click Submit to import an external vetting record. Your import will appear on the external vetting record list.

Import Vetting confirmation window

4. In order to have the new Brand Score populate in The Campaign Registry platform, please open a support ticket with the Bandwidth Support Team asking for the score to be updated, and be sure to include the Brand and the new vetted score. 


Questions? Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team or hit us up at (855) 864-7776!

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