Bulk toll-free verification guide


Luke Thompson


This article serves as a guide to ensure your bulk toll-free verification form can be processed by our Toll-Free Messaging Aggregator. Please review the requirements below and note that each message sender can only use one number. Once you download the form and properly complete it, please email it to tfverification@bandwidth.com. To learn more about toll-free verification, check out the Bandwidth toll-free verification handbook.

Effective May 15, 2022, the Toll-Free Messaging Aggregator is requiring that all new Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) must complete the toll-free verification process. Numbers that are in-market today but are not verified will need to complete verification prior to September 30, 2022.

Please note that the Toll-Free Industry verifier is currently experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of verification requests. As such, you may experience a delay in verification. Bandwidth is working with this industry aggregator to process requests as quickly as possible.

Specific requirements

  • Do not modify the column headers in the bulk toll-free verification form.
  • Save the bulk verification form only as a .csv file.
  • The Phone_Numbers column may contain up to 1000 total phone numbers.
  • There is a 1000-character limit for the Message_Content and the Additional_Opt_In_Information columns. There's a 500-character limit for all other columns except for the Phone_Number column, which doesn't have a character limit.
  • If you’d like to include a comma within a field value, surround the value with double quotes.
  • Each row should be unique to an individual business.
  • Each column is required to have data within it (except for BusinessAddr2, State, Zip, AdditionalDocumentation, ISV/Reseller, InternalTicket, and Business Country).
  • The Use_Case_Category column must contain a valid use case.

Glossary of columns

  • Business_Name (Text) - Name of the business, entity, or organization sending messages.
  • Corporate_Website (Text) - URL for the message sender. 
  • Business_Addr1 (Text) - Address for the message sender.
  • Business_Addr2 (Text) - Second line for address. Please put "N/A" if not needed.
  • City (Text) - City for the address of the message sender.
  • State (Text - State Abbr.) - State abbreviation for the address of the message sender.
  • Zip (Text) - Zip code for the address of the message sender.
  • Business_Contact_First_Name (Text) - First name of the Bandwidth customer’s point of contact.
  • Business_Contact_Last_Name (Text) - Last name of the Bandwidth customer’s point of contact.
  • Business_Contact_Email (Text - email address) - Email address of the Bandwidth customer’s point of contact.
  • Business_Contact_Phone_Number (Text - single phone number) - Phone number of the Bandwidth customer’s point of contact.
  • Message_Volume (Select One: 10; 100; 1000; 10000; 100000; 250000; 500000; 750000; 1000000; 5000000; 10000000+) - Estimated monthly message volume.
  • Phone_Numbers (Text - numbers separated by ;) - Phone number for the message sender. If listing more than one, separate them using a semicolon (;).
  • Use_Case_Category (Text) - Category that best describes the message sender’s use case. Download the list to see available choices and copy/paste one of the category names exactly as it’s written.
  • Use_Case_Summary (Text) - Detailed explanation of the message sender's use case. 
  • Message_Content (Text) - Sample message.
  • Opt_In_Workflow_Description (Text - online, text to join, point of sale, etc.) - Explanation of how consumers agree to receive these text messages.
  • Additional_Opt_In_Information (Image URLs, Description, N/A, etc.)- Any other relevant explanation to further detail opt-in. You can provide a URL for an opt-in image. If listing more than one, separate them using a semicolon (;), provide opt-in verbiage, etc.
  • Additional_Supporting_Documentation (Text) - Any other relevant information.
  • Internal_Ticket_Number (Text, URL) - Bandwidth will input this information on your behalf.
  • ISV/Reseller (Text) - Name of the Bandwidth customer.
  • Business_Country (Text) - Please list the business country 

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