Voice test plan


Elizabeth Streicker



Test basic call setup and teardown 

  • Completed call 
    • Ensure two-way audio in the negotiated codec 
    • Ensure DTMF (RFC2833 or inband)
    • Ensure call hold and transfer negotiate properly 
    • Ensure the call remains up for at least 1 minute
  • Call canceled during ringback 

Test errors 

  • Invalid number 
  • User busy line 

Test failover 

  • Ensure all SBCs respond properly with the above tests (both Bandwidth and customer)

Test sessions/CPS for load (if possible) 

Test call types 

  • Intralata 
  • Interlata 
  • Toll-free out (if applicable) 
  • Local (if applicable) 


DID testing 

  • Basic call setup and tear down 
  • Completed call 
    • Ensure live answer has two-way audio 
    • Ensure IVR hears audio/DTMF properly 
    • Ensure call hold and transfer are treated properly 
    • Ensure voicemail rings through properly 
    • CLID and CNAM presented properly (CNAM if applicable)
    • Ensure packet loss/jitter is within acceptable levels (under 2%)
    • Ensure a call remains up for over 1 minute
  • Test inbound sessions/CPS 

Toll-free testing 

  • DID testing plan, plus the following: 
    • Ensure local (customer) call timers are set to answer a call within 25 seconds 
    • Revalidate CICs (this may fall on Bandwidth to)

Note: Please make Bandwidth aware of any other special use cases (remote call forwarding, etc.) 

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