How can I use MDRs to fill out TCR reports as a Sole Proprietor?


Jessica Murray


The Campaign Registry (TCR)/T-Mobile’s reporting requirements for Sole Proprietors and Platform Free Trial include how many messages were sent to T-Mobile per campaign per day. Sole Proprietors can obtain this information via their MDRs by performing the following steps:

  1. Download MDRs for the month (you can use Daily MDRs if the files are too large to process).
  2. Determine which of your campaigns are Sole Proprietor campaigns and which Campaign Service Provider (CSP) ID they're tied to.
  3. Filter the MDR fields by the following criteria: 
    • CarrierName = T-Mobile
    • CallDirection = OUTBOUND
    • Billable = Y
    • MessageStatus = SENT, DELIVERED
  4. You should now see how many messages were sent daily to T-Mobile at the campaign or TN level.

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