HIPAA-eligible products and services


Marissa Brinkman


Below is a list of Bandwidth’s HIPAA-eligible Services currently under the scope of Bandwidth’s Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”). Bandwidth reserves the right to update this page as Services are ready and available. 

Programmable Messaging API

  • Short-code outbound SMS
  • Short-code outbound MMS
  • Toll-free outbound SMS
  • [Coming soon!] Local 10DLC inbound and outbound SMS

Programmable Voice API

  • [Coming soon!] Call recording
  • [Coming soon!] Transcription
  • [Coming soon!] Text to speech
  • [Coming soon!] Answering machine detection
  • [Coming soon!] Conferencing 

In-browser Calling API

  • [Coming soon!] WebRTC voice

Change Log


First release, short-code outbound SMS


Added toll-free outbound SMS


Added short-code outbound MMS

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