10DLC provisioning errors


Emily Champion


After registering your campaigns with The Campaign Registry (TCR), there's an additional step that Bandwidth takes on your behalf to register your traffic fully within the industry. When there are errors with this last provisioning step, you may see some failures in the telephone number (TN) option orders when you assign a TN to a campaign. The table below outlines the errors and actions you can take. If you were unable to resolve the error using the recommended actions, please open a ticket with the Bandwidth Support Team. 

Note: If you are using the API to submit and check TN option orders, since the TnOptions order is asynchronous, it is recommended to create a tnoptions subscription to receive order status webhooks. Otherwise, you need to poll accounts/{accountId}/tnOptions/{orderId} to get the order status. If you are not using the API for TN option orders, you can check the status of your orders in the Bandwidth Dashboard by following the instructions in this article. With either method, please ensure you are paying attention to the status of your orders so you will know if your TN is fully provisioned or if there is an error you need to address.


Error Retryable?
Campaign could not be added/removed due to an error. Please contact Bandwidth support to begin investigation with the vendor (error #1001). No
Carrier API error. Contact TCR to confirm Content Provider creation on T-Mobile. Then retry (error #1002). No
Please contact Bandwidth support to begin investigation with the vendor (error #1003) No
The maximum allowed phone numbers on campaign is 49. Please contact Bandwidth support to apply for a Number Pool (error #1005). No
Please review this number as it seems to belong to another provider. If you think this is an error please contact Bandwidth support and provide proof of ownership and authorization to text enable the number (error #1004). No
Error while adding/deleting campaign ID. Please try again (error #1006). Yes
There was an error processing the request. Please verify the request details and retry (error #1008). No
Please verify and fix the following fields in TCR, then retry. name <= 50 chars, contentprovider-name <= 50 chars, campaign-overview <= 4000 chars, messaging-flow <= 4000 chars, help-message <= 4000 chars, description <= 4000 chars, address <= 255 chars (error #1007). No
Timed out waiting for response from the downstream partner. Please try again (error #1009). No
LOA is required from the Number Provider XXXXXX (error #1211). Please contact Bandwidth support with the LOA. NO
The request could not be processed due to an unknown error from our downstream partner. Please contact Bandwidth support to begin investigation internally (error #9999). No

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